Ruth K: I Had A Crush On Mulamwah,”nilikuwa ready kufanya Anything Akuwe Wangu before Sonnie Amuonyeshe Madharau “

During a recent candid session, Ruth K and her fiancé Mulamwah engaged in a revealing question and answer exchange, shedding light on some of their deepest secrets and the genesis of their relationship.

In a prior video, Mulamwah disclosed that Ruth K had his photos stored on her phone even before they officially began dating. Remarkably, they were not acquainted at that point, but Ruth already had a collection of Mulamwah’s photos. Furthermore, Mulamwah unveiled that Ruth took the initiative to exchange numbers and arrange their first meeting.

Amidst the question and answer session, Mulamwah posed a provocative inquiry to Ruth K, asking why she chose him out of all potential suitors. This question seemed to stir some hesitation in Ruth, perhaps because their initial encounter coincided with a challenging period in her life.

Ruth confessed that she harbored a secret crush on Mulamwah prior to their formal introduction. Upon meeting him, she found herself captivated by his words and demeanor, instinctively recognizing him as the partner she had been seeking. Determined to secure his affection, Ruth resolved to go to great lengths to win him over, placing her trust in him wholeheartedly.

Moreover, Ruth revealed her decision to overlook any negative rumors or perceptions surrounding Mulamwah during their early interactions. Instead, she offered him unwavering support and understanding, which ultimately cemented their bond and intensified their chemistry. From this foundation, their relationship blossomed, culminating in their status as a formidable power couple.