Rayvanny Discloses He Broke up with Paula kajala After She Cheated on Him With Misician Diamond Platnumz

Tensions between Tanzanian actress Paula Kajala and her ex-boyfriend, Tanzanian bongo star Rayvanny, continue to escalate as they engage in a social media feud. The dispute started when Rayvanny appeared on the Kajalas’ mother-daughter reality show, leading Rayvanny’s wife, Fahyvanny, to express her disapproval. She believed it was unnecessary for Paula to feature Rayvanny in the show since they had already broken up.

Rayvanny retaliated by claiming that he ended the relationship with Paula after discovering she had an affair with someone he considered a brother and highly respected in the music industry. According to Rayvanny, this incident was a turning point, leading him to reconsider their relationship and question who was taking advantage of the other.

Paula, however, vehemently denied Rayvanny’s allegations and fired back with a lengthy post on Instagram. She accused Rayvanny of cheating on her with close friends and emphasized that she had never been unfaithful. Paula expressed her frustration at being kept a secret while Rayvanny was still dating Fahyvanny.

Regrettably, Paula disclosed that her biggest mistake was losing her virginity to Rayvanny. She felt that he had portrayed her as a promiscuous woman and a husband snatcher, causing the world to view her in a negative light. Paula expressed her wish that she had remained a virgin and criticized Rayvanny for allowing others to perceive her as someone who pursued him when, in fact, he had pursued her.

The ongoing feud between Paula Kajala and Rayvanny continues to attract attention on social media platforms, leaving their fans and followers intrigued by the escalating drama.