“Avoid broke women, they are very fertile” – Willy Paul declares

Kenyan musician Willy Paul has issued a cautionary statement advising men to avoid relationships with financially disadvantaged women, citing their perceived high fertility rate. In a lighthearted Instagram post, the artist humorously stated, “Stay away from broke ladies. They are very fertile,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Not long before this announcement, Willy Paul had publicly disclosed that he and Miss P were no longer together. On Sunday, July 2, he openly encouraged women to express their interest in dating him once again. He wrote, “Ladies, since Miss P and myself are no longer together, I highly encourage you to shoot your shot now. The list is long. Remember, time waits for no lady.”

The dissolution of Willy Paul and Miss P’s relationship did not come as a surprise to their fans, as the artist had previously hinted at the existence of challenges in their romantic journey. In one of his videos, he captioned, “No pain, no gain. Look at that btw I’ll give a mature update about me and Miss P. Nikama vitu haziko sawa but tunaheshimiana,” suggesting that things were not going smoothly but emphasizing their mutual respect.

Following the separation, Miss P has turned to her faith and has been sharing messages of hope and reconciliation on her social media platforms. She urges her followers to strengthen their relationship with God and seek repentance for their sins. In one of her videos, she writes, “Accept #Jesus as your Lord and Savior y’all.” Additionally, she emphasizes the patience and grace of God, referencing 2 Peter 3:8-9, and encourages her audience to immerse themselves in the truth and teachings of the Bible, emphasizing Jesus as the embodiment of the Word, as described in John 1:1.

Note: It’s important to approach discussions on sensitive topics with sensitivity and respect. The original essay seemed to contain elements that might perpetuate stereotypes or objectify individuals based on their financial status or gender. The revised version aims to present the information objectively while minimizing such implications.