Samidoh accuses Karen Nyamu of hiding a man in their bedroom -

Samidoh accuses Karen Nyamu of hiding a man in their bedroom

Karen Nyamu and her baby daddy, Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh, engaged in a live session on Tiktok on Wednesday night, during which a peculiar accusation surfaced. Samidoh accused Karen of hiding a man in their bedroom.

The couple’s virtual gathering also included two of their friends, Kelvin Shaban and Wambui, who joined the chat. In the course of their conversation, Karen, who is a senator, was seen lying in bed, dressed in light clothes.

As the four continued chatting, Karen proudly showed off her bedroom, displaying a picture of her and Samidoh. It was during this moment that their friend Shaban claimed to have spotted a man who resembled Dedan Kimathi.

Simultaneously, Samidoh seemed to imply that he had also seen something suspicious and asked Karen, the mother of his two children, to show the obscured area of the room. This request left him visibly stunned.

“Who’s that near the lamp?” Samidoh questioned his baby mama as she scanned the room once again using the camera.

The UDA-nominated senator appeared deeply surprised by Samidoh’s claim of seeing a man near the lamp.

“Who could it be, babe?” Karen Nyamu asked, expressing astonishment.

Shaban supported the Mugithi singer’s statement, asserting that he too had seen a man in Karen’s room.

Despite the claims made by their friend, Karen firmly warned him against such jokes, emphasizing that Samidoh didn’t appreciate them.

“Shaban, you know Sam doesn’t like jokes. Stop with the jokes; you know Sam doesn’t like them,” Karen Nyamu asserted.

However, the friend persisted in his assertion, questioning why the alleged man was being hidden.

“Why is he being hidden? Why not let him come out and talk to us?” asked Shaban.

After confirming that no one was actually in the room, the group resumed their lively and humorous conversation.