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Reason UHURU cancelled the Ukambani tour –Hustler Nation movement! Triggered it

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called of his eagerly awaited Ukambani visit as details emerge on what incited the Head of State to take such a move surface.

According to a local dailies, Uhuru dropped the two-day visit over Covid – 19 pandemic.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta cancels planned two-day tour of Ukambani region, citing fears the visit may trigger a spread of Covid-19,” wrote the publication.

However, a statehouse insider has uncovered the primary reason behind why the Son of Jomo chose to cancel the Ukambani visit.

The insider, who mentioned obscurity, said the Ukambani visit was cancelled so that even the forthcoming visit of the President to Rift Valley can also be cancelled.

The president’s handlers, as indicated by the insider, said the President is unpopular in the Rift Valley and it’s anything but a big shame if he visits the area at this time.

“Yes Ukambani tour was cancelled to allow the Rift Valley tour to be cancelled,” said the insider.

Rift Valley is Deputy President William Ruto’s political stronghold and Uhuru has very minimal supporters there.