“Niache” Diana Marua Claims Bahati Doesn’t Appreciate Her Enough

Bahati and Diana Marua have recently been engaged in frequent heated arguments, attracting public attention. The couple, well-known in the entertainment industry, often discuss their personal matters on camera for the purpose of gaining views and entertaining their audience.

In the latest episode of Diana Bahati, Diana expresses her feelings of being underappreciated by her husband. She reveals that he has refused to use a gift she bought for him over 8 months ago. This lack of appreciation makes her feel disappointed, especially when she sees him struggling with work on an old laptop instead of utilizing the gift she gave him.

During a recent video on her YouTube channel, Diana Marua reminds Bahati of what she believes to be her significant role in his success. She boldly claims that without her influence, Bahati would still be struggling and uncertain about his path. She states, “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have this house, those kids, or those four cars…you owe me a lot.” However, Bahati quickly interjects, attributing all their achievements to the grace of God. He emphasizes that their success is a result of God’s work, not solely Diana’s contributions.

Despite Bahati’s response, Diana remains steadfast in her belief that she played a pivotal role in bringing positive change to Bahati’s life. She asserts, “Correction…if it wasn’t for God working through me, you would still be suffering, making poor choices.”

Reflecting on their dating life, Diana fondly recalls how she first met Bahati during a music video shoot. In the video, Diana was cast as a vixen, and amidst the attention she received from others, Bahati’s persistence stood out to her. Despite the distance between them at the time, with Bahati residing in Ruaka and Diana in Syokimau, he made the effort to drive all the way to see her, often during the evening hours.

“We crossed paths on the set of a music video, and even though other guys were showing interest, I wasn’t really interested at the time. I had just gone through a heartbreak. But a few weeks later, Bahati drove all the way from Ruaka to Syokimau just to see me,” Diana warmly shared, expressing her appreciation for Bahati’s sweet and endearing gesture. This act of going the extra mile to spend time with her left a lasting impression on Diana and strengthened their connection.

Additionally, Bahati humorously comments on Diana’s gym routine, jokingly mentioning that her derriere is reducing quickly. Although it may seem like a lighthearted remark, some netizens have also noticed the change in her appearance, particularly on her sitting allowances. Their occasional dramatic moments have become an addictive fascination for fans, who continue to follow and watch Diana’s channel.

In conclusion, Bahati and Diana Marua’s relationship has recently been marked by heated arguments and discussions of personal matters for public consumption. While Diana feels underappreciated, she firmly believes that her influence has played a significant role in Bahati’s success. Their journey as a couple has been filled with fond memories and gestures that have brought them closer together. Despite the occasional drama, their relationship continues to captivate their audience.