" He Enjoyed My Company," DJ Fatxo Recounts Last Moments Before Jeff's Death -

” He Enjoyed My Company,” DJ Fatxo Recounts Last Moments Before Jeff’s Death

During an interview with Radio Jambo, renowned Mugithi singer Lawrence Njuguna, popularly known as DJ Fatxo, opened up about his final day spent with Jeff Mwathi, a talented 23-year-old interior designer who tragically passed away.

Recalling their time together, DJ Fatxo expressed that Jeff was thrilled to be able to spend the day with him. He empathized with Jeff’s excitement, as he himself had cherished the opportunity to hang out with celebrities when he was Jeff’s age.

“While we were hanging out, Jeff mentioned how happy he was to be spending time with me. I understood his sentiment, as I had a similar admiration for celebrities when I was his age,” DJ Fatxo shared.

According to the musician, his initial intention for meeting Jeff was to discuss the design of his store. However, their meeting on February 23 didn’t go as planned due to a series of unexpected events.

“On that particular day, I had a crucial deal that needed my attention, and I had invited Jeff for a meeting. Consequently, we had to visit several clubs together, as we hadn’t concluded our discussion. Throughout our time together, Jeff kept updating his mother on our whereabouts, and I was genuinely delighted to witness such a close bond between them,” DJ Fatxo narrated.

DJ Fatxo further recounted how Jeff insisted on going to a club together, and as the night grew late, they decided to return home together since they had plans to purchase materials for the shop the following morning.

Regrettably, DJ Fatxo mentioned that he was unable to communicate with Jeff’s family or attend his burial. Misunderstandings arose, and people jumped to conclusions, assuming his involvement in Jeff’s untimely demise.

Due to the circumstances and public perception, DJ Fatxo’s relationship with Jeff and the true nature of their last day together remain overshadowed by baseless suspicions.