Aende Retirement: Pastor Ng’ang’a Reaction After Benny Hinn Confesses to Giving Fake Prophecies Months After Leaving Kenya

Pastor James Ng’ang’a from Neno Evangelism has shared his perspective on Benny Hinn’s recent admission regarding erroneous prophecies made during his evangelistic campaigns. Hinn, who visited Kenya in March 2024, confessed to errors in his ministry, sparking significant reactions within the Christian community.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Pastor Ng’ang’a discussed Hinn’s apology, highlighting the challenges faced by veteran religious leaders. Ng’ang’a commented, “He (Benny Hinn) has been preaching for five decades now, entering his seventh decade of life. With time, the anointing of God doesn’t accumulate but rather diminishes, paving the way for its transmission to younger generations. At this stage, he should consider retiring from certain church activities. Though we are peers in age, his ministry tenure surpasses mine. It’s time for him to mentor others, sharing wisdom, and cautionary tales.”

During Hinn’s visit to Kenya, notable personalities like President William Ruto and First Lady Rachel Ruto attended a high-profile healing event. Ng’ang’a, present at the gathering, noticed Hinn’s struggles in delivering his message. He remarked, “His difficulties were apparent during his stay. Even fellow bishops who ministered that day seemed distant after I expressed concerns about Hinn’s performance. It’s a natural course; hence Hinn’s recent apology and acknowledgment of his shortcomings.”

Asked about his own retirement plans, Ng’ang’a affirmed his commitment to blessing people but ruled out prophesying after five decades of ministry. Reflecting on Hinn’s situation, Ng’ang’a acknowledged his goodness but attributed his struggles to age catching up with him.

Hinn recently expressed remorse for endorsing false prophecies during his crusades. Speaking on the Strang Report on YouTube, he admitted to errors and regretted the repercussions of inaccurate prophecies on individuals and his reputation. Seeking forgiveness from his global audience, Hinn confessed to the inaccuracies of some prophecies and expressed a desire to conclude his ministry with the same simplicity with which it began, marking 50 years in service.