“KRG The Don” Karagu Kimani: A 17-year-old Form Two Student, Who Went From Selling Clothes, to Owning A Club Valued At 200 Million

Although opinions on this matter may vary, it cannot be denied that this individual has a compelling narrative, regardless of the controversies that surround him.

Karagu Kimani, known by his stage name KRG The Don, is a prominent Kenyan dancehall artist with a thriving business empire consisting of multiple companies bearing his name.

KRG The Don was born in January 1991, which means that in 2023, he will be celebrating his 32nd birthday.

One may wonder if KRG The Don is a billionaire. The answer is a resounding “yes.” His estimated net worth is a staggering 4 billion Kenyan shillings.

According to KRG The Don, his journey towards becoming a millionaire commenced during his high school years when he was a mere 17 years old. He began by saving a portion of the pocket money he received from his father, a small sum that would ultimately transform his life.

KRG’s friends played a significant role in his rise to success. They contributed money to ensure KRG’s safety and supported him until school breaks arrived. To achieve his aspirations, he had to utilize both his friends’ financial assistance and his own savings to establish a clothing business while still attending school.

In a media interview, KRG The Don revealed that studying in Uganda while living in Kenya was a strategic advantage. He could purchase clothes in Uganda and sell them in Kenya using the money he had saved. He remarked, “Nilikuwa nanunua nguo hivi from Uganda then nakuja kuuza Kenya. Nlikuwa naunda like a profit of ksh 300,000 from the 100,000 nlikuwa natumia kubuy izo nguo.”

KRG The Don had already amassed his first million by the time he graduated from high school at the age of 19, which enabled him to purchase his first car. However, his entrepreneurial drive did not stop there. He diversified his investments, delving into the buying and selling of cars and land, which generated millions of shillings.

Despite owning numerous high-end vehicles and businesses in the country, KRG The Don continues to work diligently to amass more wealth. He remains committed to advancing his music career and expanding his business portfolio. As a musician, he has enjoyed considerable success with numerous hit songs, some of which have garnered popularity both locally and internationally.

One of KRG’s notable ventures is the renowned Casavera Lounge, located along Ngong Road, which is estimated to be worth 200 million Kenyan shillings.

KRG The Don has also made a mark in the music industry, releasing several singles and engaging in collaborations. Some of his noteworthy tracks include ‘Summer time,’ ‘We run this’ featuring Magix Enga, ‘Mathogothanio’ featuring Sailors, and ‘Wheel it’ with DJ Lyta. These songs were released in 2019 and 2020, garnering significant attention.