Akothee Sides With Tanzanians In The On Going Kenya-Tanzania Rap Battle. -

Akothee Sides With Tanzanians In The On Going Kenya-Tanzania Rap Battle.

Akothee has recently become a participant in the ongoing rap battle that has ignited between Kenya and Tanzania, initiated by Kaligraph. In this debate regarding the superiority of rappers from the two countries, Akothee has voiced her perspective. Utilizing her Instagram platform, she has expressed her allegiance to the Tanzanian side.

Acknowledging the considerable support she receives from her fan base in Tanzania, Akothee has urged her fellow Kenyans not to entangle her in this dispute. She emphasizes that her connections with Tanzania hold significant meaning to her.

“Please spare me from your quarrels with Tanzanians. Tanzanians are my friends. Besides, it’s been noted that I don’t engage in singing,” Akothee emphasized, making reference to the vocal nature of her Tanzanian fans. “Since a substantial portion of my fans hail from Tanzania, I kindly request that you refrain from directing any hostility my way.”

Akothee has also extended her guidance to Kenyan artists who encounter challenges with expressing themselves in Swahili. She has suggested that they enhance their Swahili writing skills to ensure better comprehension among Tanzanians.

In response to those who question her stance and inquire, “Why have you remained silent while Tanzanians direct insults towards us, Akothee?” she has offered a straightforward response. “Did you expect me to incite Tanzanians further? If you intend to communicate effectively with them today, you’ll need to formulate your insults in Swahili so that they can grasp your sentiments clearly. Avoid using convoluted and puzzling Swahili phrases that might lead to misunderstandings,” Akothee retorted, underlining the importance of clear communication in this context.