“I Have No Intention of Ever Looking For My Dad” Ken Wakuraya Confesses

lnooro TV presenter and county music artist Ken Wakuraya has interestingly discussed his parents.

In an interview with Jeremy Damaris on Kenya Diaspora Media TV, Ken claimed that he was without any assistance brought up by his mom up in Muranga town.

Life was very comfortable and they never lacked anything because his mom was a very hardworking business lady.

At some point, he asked his mother about his dad but his mom asked him what he had lacked. He saw sense in his mother’s answer and up to now, he doesn’t have any intention of ever looking for his father.

Ken accepts that he can accomplish everything in life by working hard and through God’s favour.

Ken talked about how he got on Inooro TV.

He was connected to the job by his dear companion Kimiti who hosts Mugambo wa Murimi show. At that point, he was an actor and furthermore filling in as a music producer at Simba centre.

They met the CEO and out of 100 people, he and Muthoni Mukiri were picked to be the first news anchors.