Njonjo: The man who ate ugali for the first time after joining Alliance High School

Njonjo: The man who ate ugali for the first time after joining Alliance High School

“Our days might come to 70 years, or 80 years — if our solidarity suffers,” the bible states, “but the most awesome of them are still trouble and sorrow, for they pass quickly, and we fly away.”

Notwithstanding, one man from prosperous Kabete defied the scriptural forecasts and lived to reach 101 years old.

On January second, 2022, Charles Njonjo, the ‘Duke of Kabeteshire’ and Kenya’s first chief legal officer , passed on.

Njonjo was a powerful person in Kenyan history, especially during the independence period, when he had an immense impact.

He was known for his expressiveness, English qualities, and love of English culture, to the place where he was given the informal, however not the completely free title of ‘Sir’ Charles.

The former AG was known for his striped outfits, which he said he purchased in London and wore with his particular red rosebud in his lapel.

Njonjo rode in President Jomo Kenyatta’s limousine since he had his ear.

This was apparent in light of the fact that he expected to ensure that the public authority gave great assistance to its citizens, which he asserted Mzee need.

Later Josphat Murumbi gave up in 1967, Njonjo was fundamental in lifting Daniel Moi to Vice President. He and Moi left in 1983, however Moi blamed him for attempting to overthrow the government.

Njonjo was born in a group of eight children to Senior Chief Josiah Njonjo in 1920. His life was described by wealth and authority.

The Kenyan government has dispatched administration to his doorstep, the latest being the Huduma Namba.

“As people won’t bring many archives with them,” the forthright prior AG welcomed the drive to strengthen individual nuances.

Njonjo ate ugali inquisitively in the aftermonth of joining Alliance High School on the grounds that the former AG was so favored that it entranced his initial ears.

Njonjo used to ride a horse to school – horses were the equine guardians of power in those days — during the latter week’s end breaks.

He and other youthful folks stood shoeless in a crowd at Alliance, raising the Union Jack. At Alliance, they just wore khaki shirts and shorts.

He was afraid of the usual virus showers and the inconvenience of not being able to eat the meat he loved at home. At Alliance, it was only served for seven days.