I choose money- Moya David on why he's single -

I choose money- Moya David on why he’s single

Renowned dance enthusiast and digital content creator, Moya David, recently clarified his romantic status, putting an end to speculations surrounding his love life.

The popular TikTok star has been making waves lately, especially after flaunting his new Mercedes G-Wagon truck. Rumors circulated about a possible fallout with his alleged partner, which prompted Moya to set the record straight—he is currently single and intends to remain so for the foreseeable future.

During an interview with YouTube content creator Plug TV, Moya addressed the curiosity of his online followers regarding his romantic life. The host asked when they could expect to see his significant other.

Moya promptly responded, emphasizing that his focus at the moment is on pursuing financial success and building his personal brand. Consequently, he explained that he has no time to invest in romantic relationships.

When asked about the choice between money and love, referencing a recently released song, Moya candidly expressed his preference: “For now, I choose money. Love can wait.”

In a recent display of his success, Moya showcased his new Mercedes G-Wagon. Many interpreted this as a subtle response to his critics and the alleged fallout with his supposed partner. Moya borrowed a viral statement from President William Ruto, saying, “Nilikuwa nimewarn,” effectively addressing his detractors.

Numerous followers engaged with his caption, suggesting that Moya chose to indirectly respond to the ongoing Twitter discussions surrounding him.

In a separate post, Moya shared the quote, “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark,” implying his determination to reach extraordinary heights.

Unconfirmed reports went viral, alleging that Moya had lost possession of his car and recently opened luxurious spa and beauty salon. These rumors further fueled the media attention surrounding the dancer.