” Acheni Wivu, God Has Blessed Me With A Fat Rosecoco” Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni Tells Her Fans.

A major sensation arose online when Ajib Gathoni, a renowned Kenyan TikToker and recipient of the Pulse Awards, posted a video on her TikTok page. In the video, she could be seen donning a bikini while dancing to a song, celebrating her birthday in the picturesque location of Naivasha.

The bikini she wore was quite revealing, capturing the attention of TikTokers who noticed something unusual about her private areas. This led to an influx of questions regarding whether she was menstruating and wearing sanitary pads, or if she had simply chosen not to groom that particular area.

Ajib Gathoni did not shy away from addressing the inquiries concerning her private parts. She responded in a direct and unapologetic manner, showcasing her boldness. Ajib stated that she was not on her period and that her unique physical attributes were a natural blessing from God. She emphasized that physical appearances can vary, with some individuals having more pronounced features while others possess more subtle ones.

Her responses to fans were characterized by a savage demeanor, and she refused to apologize for sharing the video. Those who approached her comment section with negative energy received a dose of their own medicine as Ajib fiercely fired back at them. This effectively silenced them, compelling them to focus on their own affairs.