Papasi Mufenje Hints At Bad Blood Between Him And Kiengei.

The amazingly talented comedian has hinted that all is not well at Kiengei Live comedy show.

Taking to his Facebook account, Papasi said that friends should talk and seek forgiveness from each other if one of them flops, adding that mistakes can always be rectified.

“If you think there’s a problem in your friendship, it may be time to speak up. Be as open and honest as you can, and allow your friend to speak, even if it hurts to hear it. You may learn that something you did angered or hurt your friend, or a miscommunication may have occurred. In these cases, you may be able to resolve the rift by simply addressing the problem and talking about it,” he said.

His sentiments comes in the wake of speculations that Papas and Kiengei are not seeing eye to eye.

The duo could previously be seen hanging out together and their Kiengei live show on Kameme TV gave them a massive audience from the Mt. Kenya region.

Though it is not yet clear what might be happening between the two, it is evident that the duo has broken up but Mufenje is trying his best to mend ways with Kiengei.

Currently, Kiengei has replaced Papasi with Mzee Kihoto on his Kiengei Live show.

However, going by fans expectations, Kiengei might reach out to Papas after lots of complaints that Kihoto is not fun and can’t be a replacement for Mufenji.

If Mufenji will come back to Kiengei Live, only time will tell.