Nyako tiktoker: Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo Are Lazy Men Who Like To Be Kept By Older Women.

Renowned TikToker and pilot, Nyako, recently stirred up controversy by taking shots at some notable Kenyan celebrities, including Azziad Nasenya, Akothee, Nelly Oaks, and musicians Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo.

Nyako’s criticism of Otile Brown escalated after she accused him of exhibiting “simp” behavior in her inbox, where he allegedly pleaded for financial assistance. According to Nyako, Otile went so far as to express romantic interest, proposing a relationship, but she rejected his advances. Nyako asserts that she possesses evidence of sending money to Otile.

In her portrayal of Otile Brown’s character, Nyako drew parallels between him and Brown Mauzo, characterizing them as soft individuals who prefer being pampered. According to Nyako, both men share a penchant for relying on older women to support them and are content living in women’s homes.

Expressing her disapproval, Nyako labeled such men as a societal disgrace, emphasizing her belief that men should embody traditional masculine qualities and take on leadership roles in their households. Nyako expanded her critique to include Nelly Oaks, asserting that all three—Otile Brown, Brown Mauzo, and Nelly Oaks—are men who enjoy being financially cared for by older women.