Nyako: Akothee’s Boyfriend Nelly Oaks Is POOR Confused Person Hajui chenye anataka in Life

The enduring feud between Nyako and Akothee seems to be an ongoing saga with no resolution in sight. Despite Akothee opting for a period of silence and a focus on her personal life, Nyako persists in launching verbal attacks, extending her criticism to include Akothee’s family.

Following her derisive comments about Akothee’s graduation, dismissing it as insignificant, Nyako has now turned her attention to Akothee’s boyfriend, NellyOaks. Taking a personal approach, Nyako has chosen to cast aspersions on NellyOaks.

Without mincing words, Nyako boldly asserted that NellyOaks lacks the qualities of a gentleman. In Nyako’s perspective, NellyOaks is depicted as a confused individual who lacks clarity about his life direction, suggesting that he is a man in need of constant supervision and guidance.

Essentially, Nyako is insinuating that Nelly is a rather foolish man. Nyako’s animosity towards Akothee has escalated to the point where she has declared open war. Her attacks on Akothee’s family seem relentless, with disparaging remarks becoming a regular occurrence. Nyako consistently portrays a lack of appreciation for Akothee and takes every opportunity to speak negatively about her and those close to her.