KDF responds after viral video of soldiers beating police officers in Likoni

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) responded to a widely circulated video on Saturday, April 27, depicting a confrontation between its soldiers and police officers.

The footage shows more than four heavily armed KDF soldiers in military attire engaging in a physical altercation with police officers. At one juncture, the soldiers are seen aggressively assaulting a police officer, slapping and punching him, while onlookers express concern over the situation.

In response to the incident, the KDF has initiated an investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the altercation. Military Police and relevant investigative agencies have been assigned to handle the matter. The KDF expressed deep regret over the incident, emphasizing its commitment to professionalism as a fundamental value.

This recent altercation is not an isolated incident involving KDF personnel and police. On April 16, KDF soldiers were arrested by police at Lodwar Police Station for allegedly assaulting and disarming a fellow officer at a roadblock. According to a police report, the altercation occurred when officers delayed in removing road spikes, resulting in a confrontation as a KDF water bowser approached. The driver of the water bowser purportedly slapped the officer, leading to further escalation as another soldier seized the officer’s AK47 rifle.