“Niko Na Pesa Kuliko Babako” Ringtone Apoko Tells Off Fan -

“Niko Na Pesa Kuliko Babako” Ringtone Apoko Tells Off Fan

Ringtone Apoko, the self-proclaimed chairman of gospel music, has criticized a fan, claiming to be wealthier than the fan’s father.

Recently, Ringtone shared a post with the caption, “People pray that you deaded but God is life you so much.” However, one fan perceived his post as foolish and commented, “Wachanga ufala we mzee.”

Ringtone swiftly retaliated, boasting about his riches by saying, “Niko na pesa kushinda babako” (I have more money than your father). This response from the Pamela hitmaker triggered a defense from several other internet users who advised Ringtone to utilize his wealth to improve his English skills.

One person suggested, “Hio pesa yako soma kizungu na uingie waadhi uache kuvaa counter fit” (Use your money to learn English and dress in genuine outfits). Another individual questioned Ringtone’s inability to compose a single sentence in English, offering to provide language lessons for free. They said, “Are you seriously incapable of composing just one sentence in English? Seriously, no offense. Can’t you write a single sentence in English? I can volunteer to give you a simple language lesson once every three days for an hour. I’m willing to help. Or should things continue to escalate here? Please, ask for assistance.”

Ringtone, however, continues to assert his position as one of the wealthiest artists in Kenya, frequently flaunting his wealth online and sporting extravagant and “golden” attire. He claims his net worth is approximately Kshs50 billion. He has previously refuted allegations of involvement in illicit activities, explaining how he accumulated his billions.

“I am an artist who utilizes my intellect. Jalas, I met you ten years ago when I used to tour ten schools per week. At every school I visited, I earned more than Kshs500,000. Those are the individuals who gave me the money,” he disclosed to Jalang’o.