Kianangi: The King of Kikuyu Comedy Who Went Missing Without A Trace (Details).
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Where did he Go? Mystery disappearance of comedian, Kianangi- Yet to be solved 6yrs on

Kianangi went missing in September, 2017 and till now, no one knows where he dissapped to.

According to reports, the popular Kikuyu Comedian was abducted by unknown people on his was to Thika to pick up his mother who was not feeling well.

His car was then later on found abandoned in Thika few meters from where he is said to have been abducted at Membley.

Almost five years later, Geoffrey Mwangi is still missing without a trace.

His theatrics topped with a great sense of humor made him stand out hence earning him the crown as the ultimate King of Kikuyu comedy.

His trademark tattered attires which he complimented with chalk on his face to resemble an old man is one of the many acts he executed perfectly.

Although the matter of his disappearance was reported to Kasarani Police Station, no progress has been made regarding his trace.

Early 2019, reports were made that kianangi had been seen in Nyeri but as fate would have it, no one managed to trace him.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that the comedian had been involved in a sugar deal with top government officials who turned against him in the deal at the last minute.

His family since, has been living with nothing but memories and are hoping that one day, Kianangi will return home.