“I’m the hottest gal in Kenya”.Pritty Vishy now declares.

Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy’s journey to fame was intertwined during their romantic relationship, which, unfortunately, ended amid contentious accusations of infidelity. Despite their tumultuous breakup, both individuals have persevered in their careers within the media industry.

Pritty Vishy has carved out a niche for herself as a content creator, proudly asserting her status as the preeminent plus-size queen in the industry. In the face of suggestions from her admirers to block out the negativity, she has opted for a different path, choosing to let her detractors witness her personal and professional growth.

Stivo Simple Boy, on the other hand, has encountered financial challenges in his quest to maintain relevance in the media world. While rumors of his financial woes have circulated, he vehemently refutes these claims.

Their future trajectories remain uncertain, but their unwavering determination to succeed in their respective careers is evident.

Additional background reveals that Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy were once an item for a span of three years, coming together during a time when both were relatively obscure figures. Stivo’s music rapidly propelled him to stardom.

In an intriguing revelation, Pritty Vishy has professed that her attraction to Stivo was never the driving force behind their relationship; she admitted to dating him primarily because of his fame.

Stivo Simple Boy continues to deny allegations of financial hardship, although he concedes to facing financial difficulties in recent months.

Pritty Vishy remains unshaken by the presence of her detractors, expressing her desire for them to witness her achievements firsthand.