“Ni Mzee kuliko My Mum” A Kenyan Boy Says As He Introduces His Girlfriend

A young Kenyan man and content creator, who goes by the name Promise, recently created a buzz on the internet when he decided to introduce his older girlfriend to the public. He boldly asserted that he intends to marry this woman as she embodies his ideal life partner.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Promise and his older girlfriend, affectionately known as Mama Ryan, expressed their deep and genuine love for each other. They emphasized that their connection developed organically, devoid of any external pressure or coercion.

What sets them apart is their significant age difference, with Promise being just 22 years old, while Terry, or Mama Ryan, is 42 and a mother of two children – one aged 7 and the other 5.

Terry shared her reasons for falling in love with Promise, citing his personality and the immense support he provided during her challenging times. She recounted how she had participated in a loyalty test show, which ultimately led to her separation from her husband. Terry described her marriage as toxic, marred by infidelity on both sides, making it unsustainable. During this tumultuous period, Promise stepped in, and their affection for one another began to blossom.

Promise acknowledged the unconventional nature of their relationship, with Terry being two years older than his own mother. However, he passionately described her as someone who perfectly matched his ideal partner and exuded a magnetic charm. He emphasized that, although their union might appear peculiar to some, their love ultimately triumphs.

The couple now plans to take their relationship to the next level by introducing each other to their respective families. Their love is unshakable, and they firmly believe that only death can separate them.