My sister stole my husband and chased me out of our marriage

My name is Caren and three weeks ago I was a one heartbroken woman because I was hurt by people I did not think or ever imagine that they could betray me in the outrageous manner that they did.

I was cooking dinner then I heard someone knocking the door and I went to open it. I met my sister at the door. She had come to my house without prior information but nonetheless, I was so happy to see her. She told me she wanted to surprise me since she had nothing to do in her house. emotionally victimized - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

My family, two children and my husband were also delighted to see her. She told me she would be spending some few days with us before going back to her house. She was still unmarried and I thought she had probably gotten bored in her place and decided to seek company.

The following day, I was leaving for work and I left her in the house together with my children and I was so happy that my children would have someone to take care of them since I was always coming home a bit late. I came home that evening and found her cooking for my family while my husband was giving her company in the kitchen.

One thing surprised me though, when I entered the house, they both stopped talking and my husband immediately left the kitchen and I thought he had felt shy of me finding him talking to my sister and I honestly did not have a problem.

However, something odd happened that night that made me feel the two were up to something. When I went to the bathroom to take a shower, I heard them whispering to each other something. I did not quite hear it but I could tell they were feeling really awkward in my presence.

It crossed my mind that the two were probably having an affair under my nose and I decided to buy some cameras so to monitor them and verify if something was going on. I installed the cameras in the sitting room and bedroom so as to clear my thoughts on whether they were having sex. a young woman is having chest pains - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Two days later, I connected the cameras to my laptop and my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted the two having sex in the sitting room each time the children left for school. In the bedroom footage, I saw they had sex on our matrimonial bed. In the two days the cameras were monitoring them, the two cheaters had screwed more than 10 times.

I decided to call them in the sitting room and confront them about the issue. They came, sat and I open my laptop and played the video and asked them to explain what was going on. They were so shocked that I had busted them. Instead of explaining to me or even apologizing guess what they did? They started beating me telling me that I had spied on them.

They beat me and chased me out of my house. I remember my sister saying that she was the new wife of my husband and not me and my husband too commanded me to leave his house.

“Leave right now! You are no longer my wife. I love your sister and I am marrying her and dumping you,” my hubby said.

It was around 8am, I was so embarrassed and in pain too of what the two had to me. They had not only hurt me physically but also emotionally. I went to my friend’s house which was a few blocks away. On reaching her place she was so sad for hearing my story.

She told me the only to save my marriage was to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would cast spells to my sister so that she leaves my husband alone. We called him that morning and he asked us to go see him that day after hearing my story. a young woman is having chest pains - black woman stress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

He cast spells of plagues to my sister and a binding spell to my husband so that my marriage could stand again. We went back home and the following morning, my sister called. She was in so much pain. She told me her boobs had grown bigger and her body was in pain. She said she knew she was going through that because of what she did to me and she further asked for forgiveness.

Few later, my husband also called me and apologized to me. He asked me where I was so that he could come and pick me up. He came for me and on reaching home, I found my sister had left. Now my husband and I are a happy couple.

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