My wife wants to divorce me because my Joystick is too small – Pastor cries on live radio

A charismatic pastor sought the intervention of Aunty Naa to persuade his wife against pursuing a divorce due to his perceived inadequacy in the size of his manhood. Expressing profound love for his wife, the pastor conveyed his inability to fathom the prospect of divorce.

His confession revealed that he is grappling with a hernia, which he attributes to the diminished size of his manhood. In a live online appeal, both the pastor and his wife were present in the studios of Oyerepa FM. Despite the pastor’s plea, the wife remained steadfast in her decision to end the marriage.

The wife asserted that she could no longer find satisfaction in their physical relationship, expressing discomfort during intimate moments. Describing herself as a sexually active woman, she articulated her desire to seek companionship elsewhere, emphasizing the need for a partner who could fulfill her needs and make her feel like a complete woman in bed.

She went on to compare the experience of intimacy with her husband to feeling as if a 6-year-old boy was on top of her, highlighting the lack of fulfillment in their sexual relationship as a crucial factor in her decision to seek a divorce.