I spend 300k in a day-Amber Ray brags

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, popularly known as Amberay, has recently revealed the exorbitant amount of money she spends on a monthly and daily basis. In an interview with Plug Tv, she disclosed her daily expenses, including airtime purchases and her general budget. Prior to her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, Amberay claimed to have consistently reached the Mpesa limit, which stands at Ksh. 300,000, on a daily basis.

The socialite stated that her spending habits have evolved since being with Kennedy Rapudo. Nowadays, she surpasses the 300K daily transaction limit due to the responsibilities of taking care of her family and being a mother figure to many. Her financial transactions have increased significantly to meet these obligations.

Interestingly, Amberay confessed that her expenditure now primarily relies on Kennedy Rapudo’s finances, as opposed to her own. She takes pride in her wealthy and generous baby daddy, who effortlessly maintains her lavish lifestyle. As an expensive woman, she appreciates his ability to support her extravagant needs.

Kennedy Rapudo, in turn, openly defended their opulent lifestyle. Emphasizing his wealth and authenticity, he asserted that the online portrayal of their extravagant life aligns with reality. As a financially prosperous individual, he confidently maintains the costly lifestyle of his fiancée, Amberay.

This candid revelation by Amberay sheds light on the immense wealth and luxurious existence enjoyed by the couple. With their unapologetic display of affluence, they challenge conventional norms and proudly embrace their opulent way of life.