In today’s world, finding true love is said to be a challenge. Many people move from one relationship to another quickly, almost as if they’re changing their clothes. Some attribute this to the prevalent hookup culture that exists today, but a 19-year-old Italian teen named Giuseppe D’Anna appears to be an exception.

D’Anna recently announced that he’s engaged to his 76-year-old soulmate. He shared the news on TikTok with a heartfelt video proposal that’s now been viewed over 75 million times. The video montage shows D’Anna and his fiancée sharing sweet moments together. It features a photo of him kneeling in front of his partner while they kissed, which seems to be the moment she said yes. The montage also includes images of lavish gifts, including a wedding ring with a large diamond.

D’Anna captioned the video “la nostra promessa,” which translates to “our promise.” He also included a green heart and the infinity symbol in the caption.

The news of D’Anna’s engagement has stirred up mixed reactions from TikTok users. Some have praised the young man’s bravery for declaring his love for someone much older than him, while others have questioned whether he was thinking clearly and suggested that he may just be infatuated. Some have even accused the couple of staging a publicity stunt to gain likes and followers.

Prior to the proposal, D’Anna used his TikTok account to share videos of him and

his partner enjoying sweet moments together. They did TikTok trends, shared meals, spent quality time, and even appeared on local Italian news. The account now has 390.1k followers and 12.9 million likes.