MP Goes Mad After Stealing Woman’s Land In Kitui

A member of parliament from the North Eastern province recently visited a mental hospital after he became mad and started running around Kitui town screaming and collecting litter.

It was such an odd happening since the MP had always been a serious man in a suit and with body guards. However, it was determined that he ran mad after he grabbed 10 acres of land from an old woman in one of the villages in the county. Why 'The Black Guy Dies First' In Horror Movies, 58% OFF

The MP sent his men to cut off all the crops that the old woman had planted and after he did so, he build a fence to prevent the woman from accessing her land. Efforts by the woman to beg the lawmaker to let go of the land were futile as the MP told her that he wanted to build residential houses in the piece of land.

She was so disturbed and her neighbours felt pity for the woman who even wanted to commit suicide since her piece of land had been her source of livelihood since the death of her husband. Fortunately, one of her neighbours, told her to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would help teach the rogue MP a lesson.

The lady called Doctor Mugwenu and explained to him what was happening. The doctor gave her an appointment the next morning. Early morning the next day, the woman travelled to Daktari’s workplace in Nairobi where he cast a spell of plagues for the MP. He further assured her not to worry about anything since the MP would get what he deserved.

The next morning her neighbours came to her house and told her the news that everyone was talking about. The MP had gone mad during the night and was running around the street collecting litter

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Later that day, the MP’s family came to the woman’s house and apologised on his behalf for stealing the land that was precious to the woman. The MP was taken to a mental hospital but after few days of medication, nothing was working and his condition worsened.

The woman brought Doctor Mugwenu in the mental hospital where he cast a spell to heal him. He got healed and he also went on his knees and asked for the woman’s forgiveness. He returned the land and even paid her KSh 100k.

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