Miwa Man: How I Earn Ksh.30,000 Per Month From Hawking Sugarcane.

Joseph, also known as Miwa Man, is a true inspiration of hard work, determination, and working smart. He believes that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve great success. Joseph, based in Donholm, started selling sugarcane in 2016, and although he faced challenges at the beginning, he has really reaped a lot from the business.

In an interview with ETD Channel, Miwa Man revealed that he buys a sugarcane for Ksh. 33 and sells it for Ksh. 70, making a good profit. He sells up to 30 sugarcanes daily, which accumulates a profit of about Ksh. 800 to 1000 after removing all expenses, which in this case is the cost of buying new stock. Therefore, Mr. Joseph makes a profit of between Ksh. 26,000 to 30,000 every month.

The money Joseph earns has significantly transformed his life. He has been able to purchase a piece of land just from selling sugarcane, and he is living a comfortable lifestyle. Joseph is proud of his business and believes that with hard work, determination, and smart work, anyone can achieve great success.