Michael Bundi, I Committed Five Failed Suicides. -

Michael Bundi, I Committed Five Failed Suicides.

Performing artist Michael Bundi shares his poignant journey through a lifetime of grappling with depression, which traces back to his childhood experiences. In a candid conversation with content creator and YouTuber Mungai Eve, Bundi opens up about the deeply personal and traumatic aspects of his struggle, including multiple instances where he contemplated suicide.

During his dialogue with Mungai Eve, Michael Bundi delves into his early life, recounting how the weight of depression descended upon him even at the tender age of five. The burden of this condition became increasingly pronounced during his secondary school years, marked by relentless bullying from older students due to his bed-wetting tendencies.

“I was raised in a household centered around music, yet it was plagued by violence. The seeds of stress and depression took root as early as my fifth year. The struggle became amplified upon my entry into high school, a time when bullying became a daily ordeal. I was targeted due to my bed-wetting, which itself stemmed from the anxiety and fear I harbored,” the talented artist shared during his conversation.

He also candidly discusses his attempts to end his own life, recounting a harrowing moment when he ingested a multitude of medications in an effort to escape his pain. Fortunately, he survived this ordeal and was rushed to the hospital for urgent medical care.

“In one pivotal moment, during my first year of high school, I consumed all the medications within my reach in a desperate attempt to end my life. The consequence was hospitalization due to an overdose. This pattern persisted, with multiple overdoses occurring throughout my four years in secondary school,” Bundi revealed.

Michael Bundi further delves into his strained relationship with his family, expressing that their understanding and support came only after he had slipped into a coma for two days following another overdose.

“My family remained largely inattentive until my overdose-induced coma endured for two days. It was only then that they united to listen and take notice. Medical professionals also advised my family to transfer me from my current school,” he shared.

Reflecting on his darkest moment, Bundi recalls a profound intervention that he attributes to a higher power. This incident occurred during his final attempt at suicide, where he ingested a poisonous substance. Miraculously, he awoke from his slumber that evening, having expelled the toxic substance through vomiting.

“My last suicide endeavor unfolded during my fourth year of high school. Consumed by a determined urge to end my life, I sought out methods others had used successfully. Learning of a neighbor’s demise through chemical ingestion, I replicated her approach with a doubled dose. During my slumber, a dream emerged where a figure rescued me from drowning in an ocean. This entity performed life-saving measures on me, and I awoke to expel the chemicals. The dream also brought clarity that another attempt would be fatal,” Bundi recounted, attributing his salvation to a divine intervention.

After grappling with depression and surviving multiple suicide attempts, Bundi is now channeling his experience into a newfound purpose. He envisions establishing the “Bundi for Africa” foundation, dedicated to aiding individuals combating depression.

“In addition to caring for my own well-being and responsibilities, I am fervently focused on launching an initiative named ‘Bundi for Africa.’ This organization aims to support those grappling with depression. As individuals peruse my content, they often reach out to me, sharing their own struggles with depression. The sheer volume of these stories is overwhelming. Establishing a professional institution will ensure that proper help is accessible, alleviating needless suffering,” Bundi declared as he looks toward a future of making a meaningful impact.