Njambi Njau, Inooro TV News Achor Narrates How She Left Her Marriage Six Months After a Colorful Wedding. -

Njambi Njau, Inooro TV News Achor Narrates How She Left Her Marriage Six Months After a Colorful Wedding.

In this essay, we delve into the experiences of Njambi Njau, the prominent news anchor and show host of Inooro TV, as she reflects on the circumstances that led to the dissolution of her marriage in under a year since their elaborate wedding.

Njambi Njau, also known as Caroline Njambi Njau, is not only a mother to one child but also the youngest among four siblings in her family. Currently, she holds a position at Royal Media Services with Inooro TV, having returned for a second stint at the station. Her initial departure in 2018 was driven by her quest for new opportunities and greener pastures.

Following her completion of secondary education, Njambi harbored aspirations of becoming a journalist. However, her parents held different aspirations for her, leaning towards nursing. Despite this, she embarked on a path that led her into the media industry by engaging in performances based on set book arts during her time in secondary school. Through these performances, she succeeded in persuading her mother to align with her chosen career path. Subsequently, her mother advocated for her choice with her father, ultimately leading to Njambi’s entry into the media sphere around 2015, coinciding with the establishment of Inooro TV by Royal Media Services, with a focus on Kikuyu-language content.

Her trajectory at Inooro TV was marked by a steady climb, culminating in her role as a news anchor. During her tenure in this capacity, she crossed paths with her future husband. After a few months of courtship, they celebrated a vibrant wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, this union unraveled within months of its inception.

At the time of her marriage, Njambi had already transitioned from Royal Media Services to a promising role at Mt Kenya TV, owned by the spouse of the former Kirinyaga County Women’s Representative, Wangui Ngirici. This move was driven by the allure of a substantial salary offered by the Kirinyaga business magnate. Regrettably, this opportunity turned sour as Njambi discovered she would only receive payment for three months, despite working for an additional eight months without compensation.

The intricacies of her personal life also underwent significant developments during this period. Prior to departing from Inooro TV in November 2018, Njambi learned of her pregnancy, although this realization only occurred months after her transition to Mt Kenya TV. Amid these complexities, Njambi and her spouse welcomed a son in April 2019. However, this joyous occasion heralded the onset of marital challenges, resulting in her husband vacating their shared home. The pain of encountering him in public spaces further exacerbated her distress.

By July 2019, Njambi made the difficult decision to part ways with her husband and leave their marital home. This decision coincided with her departure from Mt Kenya TV. Fortunately, her family provided her with a supportive safety net, offering financial assistance that covered rent, a house manager, and other domestic expenses.

In a remarkable turn of events, Njambi managed to reclaim her place at Royal Media Services after a few months. Presently, she continues to fulfill the role of a news anchor at the organization.