Shock as Nandi Chief Kills Himself After Catching Wife Pants Down With Police Officer

In a sorrowful event that unfolded on Monday in Ndurio Location, Nandi County, a 42-year-old chief tragically took his own life upon discovering his wife’s involvement in an extramarital affair with a police officer.

The heart-wrenching incident was confirmed by Douglas Chikanda, the Nandi County Criminal Investigation Officer, who described it as a love triangle involving one of his officers and the chief’s wife, a mother of four.

The unfortunate incident occurred when the police officer, stationed at Kobujoi police station, visited the chief’s wife at a lodging in Sereme Town, Nandi County, on that fateful evening. The chief, upon his arrival, was devastated to find his wife and the police officer engaged in an illicit relationship.

Overwhelmed by shock and despair, the chief ingested a lethal dose of the pesticide ‘Round Up,’ as revealed by a family member who provided this information to the police. He was immediately rushed to White Crescent Nursing Home for urgent medical care. Unfortunately, despite all efforts to save his life, he succumbed to the effects of the poisoning.

After his tragic passing, his body was transported to the White Crescent Hospital morgue, where it awaits a postmortem examination. Meanwhile, detectives in Nandi County have initiated investigations to uncover the full details surrounding this tragic situation.

In response to this distressing incident, the police officer involved has been placed on mandatory leave pending a thorough investigation into the matter. This incident not only represents a personal tragedy but also highlights the concerning increase in cases of infidelity within the country. Recent data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) points to a troubling trend, indicating that Kenyan men, on average, have seven sexual partners throughout their lives.