Luo Elders Confounded After Kenya’s late General Francis Ogolla’s Son Sees His Father’s Nakedness During Burial

Bumula MP Jack Wamboka has sparked a debate with his critique of Joel Rabuku, the son of the late General Francis Ogolla, for his role in the burial proceedings.

Wamboka contends that Rabuku’s actions were highly inappropriate, particularly his entry into his father’s grave to assist in the burial, which he described as “beyond comprehension.”

In a photograph captured on Sunday, April 21, Rabuku can be seen rolling up his sleeves before joining the undertakers in the grave, a sight that Wamboka found objectionable.

“Upon the passing of an elder like Ogolla, it is not customary for his offspring to handle his remains. Observing his son entering the grave to receive his body, especially without a coffin, was concerning. Traditional protocols dictate the involvement of elders for such rituals. This departure from tradition is unacceptable,” remarked Wamboka.

The MP further asserted that Rabuku’s actions constituted a breach of customary norms, suggesting that they warranted ritual purification by Luo elders.

In Wamboka’s view, the unauthorized handling of the deceased’s body, particularly in the absence of a coffin, necessitated the intervention of elders to perform purification rites. He cautioned that failure to respect these traditions could have adverse repercussions for Rabuku.

Expressing his disapproval, Wamboka criticized Rabuku for attempting to stifle inquiries into the circumstances surrounding his father’s demise. As a prominent figure in the public eye, Wamboka argued that the late General’s death warranted public scrutiny, and any efforts to suppress questions were unjustifiable.