Former Harambee Stars Captain Collins Gatusso Arrested for Allegedly Defiling and Killing a 3-Year-Old Child

Collins Gatusso Okoth, a former Kenyan football star and once the proud captain of the national team, Harambee Stars, finds himself in the custody of Pangani Police Station amidst disturbing allegations. He stands accused of the heinous crimes of rape and the tragic loss of a three-year-old child’s life.

These accusations have sent shockwaves through the community, tarnishing Okoth’s once-glowing reputation with a dark stain.

Scheduled for arraignment in court tomorrow, Okoth’s current predicament contrasts sharply with his past accolades.

Eleven years ago, Okoth faced similar accusations of neglect regarding a child. It was alleged that he fathered a baby girl with fellow soccer player Jackline Adhiambo, who played as a goalkeeper for the Moyas Football Club women’s league.

Adhiambo revealed in an interview that Okoth had denied paternity of their three-year-old daughter, Stephamaysy Ignesious, since her birth. Despite promises made during his tenure with Gor Mahia, where he pledged to support their child, Adhiambo claimed that Okoth’s attitude changed drastically after he moved to Sofapaka.

“I’m paid Sh2,500 per game. If I don’t play, I’m not paid. I am forced to live in a single room in Kariobangi that I can hardly afford. I don’t want Okoth to marry me; I just want him to contribute to our daughter’s education,” Adhiambo expressed in frustration.

The contrast between Okoth’s past promises and his current situation is stark, leaving a trail of disappointment and anguish in its wake.