“I Love You Boo” Chimano Refers To Bien As His Fiancé, He Reacts

The Sauti Sol member proudly showcased two pairs of white socks adorned with rainbow patterns in a video shared on his Instagram stories. In light of Pride Month, he expressed his gratitude for the representation of rainbows on his socks.

However, Bien took the opportunity to correct him on the pronunciation of the word ‘fiancé.’ Despite this playful correction, both members proceeded to express their deep affection for each other.

During their world tour in Stockholm, Sweden, the team delivered a remarkable performance on Friday, June 16.

In the meantime, the Sauti Sol members conveyed their lack of concern regarding the impending 15% tax that would be imposed on digital content creators and artists. They revealed that they had offshore bank accounts where they managed their income. Additionally, they encouraged Kenyan artists to follow suit.

“Our accounts are located in Switzerland and Mauritius. We don’t have to worry about this issue, and I advise all artists to open offshore accounts in Mauritius, Georgia, Switzerland, or other international payment destinations. Avoid getting paid in Kenya, as you’ll be subjected to undeserved taxation by the government,” emphasized Bien.

“Don’t confine yourself to being just a local figure,” added Savara.

Currently, Sauti Sol is embarking on their worldwide musical tour and is scheduled to take a break from band activities in September of this year.

Savara recently addressed the upcoming break and reassured fans not to be concerned.

“Let’s put all worries aside. Sauti Sol has achieved so much together, and we continue to grow. We’ve been making music together for a long time, and perhaps it’s time we give our fans a little break. We’ve been in the spotlight for quite some time, and it’s necessary to create space for other artists to flourish. It’s essential for bands to take a hiatus and recharge. I’m grateful that our fans care so much about us, even if they perceive it as a separation,” he stated.