Lake Baringo tragedy: 6 bodies retrieved as death toll rises to 7 kenyans

Early Tuesday morning, six bodies were recovered from Lake Baringo following a tragic boat accident, bringing the total fatalities to seven.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon as the boat was making its way to Kokwa Island. Despite the passage of two days, the bodies were discovered at the shores of Lake Kokwa Island.

The vessel, carrying 23 high school and grade 8 students on their way to a church service, encountered unexpected peril when strong winds whipped up the lake, causing hazardous waves.

Baringo County Commissioner confirmed the retrieval of the bodies, stating that divers found them around Kokwa Island early in the morning of the third day of the search and rescue mission.

The ordeal began as a church trip turned into a fight for survival. Survivors recounted the sudden turbulence, a disabled propeller, and a frantic struggle for safety. The situation worsened when the boat’s propeller got entangled in a fishing net, leaving it powerless to navigate the rough waters. Some passengers, fearing the worsening conditions, jumped into the lake, further destabilizing the vessel and causing it to capsize.

Amidst the chaos, a nearby boat provided assistance, rescuing sixteen passengers, while six others held onto hope as the search and rescue operation unfolded.

The search concluded with the recovery of the missing teenagers. A multi-agency task force, including coast guards, marine police, Kenya Red Cross personnel, and local divers, oversaw the operation.

Baringo South Member of Parliament led a team of rescuers and called upon the national government to enhance emergency response capabilities by providing a dedicated water ambulance to address future tragedies on the lake.

The capsized boat serves as a somber reminder of the delicate balance between faith and misfortune that unfolded on Lake Baringo.