Lady Abroad Cries After Seeing How Her Kid Looks Despite Sending Money Home Monthly

In a poignant message on social media, Rina, a woman employed in Saudi Arabia, bared her soul about the distressing sight of her child’s current condition back home.

Despite her relentless efforts to ensure her children’s well-being, she was overcome with sorrow upon seeing her son’s situation, unable to contain her tears.

Rina revealed the toil she endured in Saudi Arabia, striving day and night to secure a brighter future for her kids. However, upon receiving a video of her child from concerned neighbors, she was filled with anguish.

Despite diligently sending money home to support her child’s upbringing, she found herself disheartened by his living conditions.

Responding to comments on her post, Rina clarified that she couldn’t bring her child along when she migrated to Saudi Arabia for work, adding to her distress and intensifying her longing for his welfare.

Rina’s deep concern for her child’s well-being was evident, and the distance took an emotional toll on her. The video shared on social media garnered a mix of empathy and sympathy from users across various platforms.

Some commenters sought to reassure Rina, noting the child’s apparent health and suggesting that the financial support she provides likely benefits the entire family, including purchasing food and other essentials.

However, others expressed concern for the child’s situation, acknowledging the pain of separation and the challenges of providing for loved ones from afar.

In a moment of vulnerability, Rina shared that she entrusted a family member to care for her child, hinting that it was one of her best decisions and implying that her child is now in better hands.

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