KRG thee Don: No Tanzanian artist is richer than him. -

KRG thee Don: No Tanzanian artist is richer than him.

In the midst of the ongoing beef between Akothee, Jaguar, and Harmonize, artists are now engaging in a battle of words to determine who holds the title of being the wealthiest.

Jaguar’s comments caught the attention of Tanzanians when he claimed that Harmonize was not wealthier than him. He expressed gratitude to God for his current position and boldly asserted, “I can swear here, if someone like Akothee and Harmonize have surpassed me, I will quit music.”

Akothee and Harmonize swiftly responded to Jaguar’s remarks, with Akothee suggesting that Jaguar’s wealth is solely dependent on taxpayers’ money. She insinuated that his success is not self-made but rather a result of public funds.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kenyan rapper KRG has entered the fray, confidently proclaiming that no Tanzanian artist is richer than him. In a recent interview on SPM Buzz, KRG disclosed, “They cannot surpass me. It’s not possible. Even if I were to sleep for ten years and wake up, they still wouldn’t come close.”

KRG further explained that the tax burden in Kenya is considerably higher than that in Tanzania. He argued that this fundamental difference in taxation rates makes it unfair to compare the wealth of Kenyan artists with their Tanzanian counterparts.

Overall, the ongoing rivalry between these artists has sparked a debate about wealth and success, with each artist asserting their superiority over the others. However, it is essential to approach these claims with a critical mindset, considering the various factors that contribute to an individual’s financial status.