‘I bought a car that month after joining illuminati’ – Magix Enga Reveals.

Musician and producer, Magix Enga has revealed that he joined illuminati at a very young age.The musician saidd that he became a member at the age of 23 where he was connected to the cult by a Caucasian lady he met at a city mall.

Enga, who was in an interview with a local presenter revealed that he had visited the mall and met the lady who promised to shape his life.

“I met a certain Mzungu lady at Junction Mall. She started asking me how life was and promised to connect me to famous musicians.Right there and then she connected me to a certain musician. She promised me good things would happen to me in a month or two.I did what I did and at 23 I bought my first car that month. People should stop taking these things like a joke,Illuminati exists,” he said.

“I had very many problems at the time. (before joining illuminati.)It reached a point where money was no longer a problem, I started partying a lot after all the things at the studio were going well,” Enga added.

“After that I got saved, the more I prayed the more things became worse. There are so many people in Kenya who have done what I did.I sacrificed myself, I would get my skin cut and a portion of my blood collected. I am now saved and I am fighting such with prayer. I joined the illuminati because I wanted kuomoka, mashida za ghetto zilikua mob.”