“Kutoka Anioe Sijalala Kwa Amani Kazi ni Kunyamba na Kungorota”Woman cries out over husband’s constant habit

A newly wedded lady has cried out on social media over being unable to sleep, following her husband’s constant habit of snoring and farting.

Sharing her plight anonymously, she revealed that she wasn’t aware he had this habit because she had never visited his home until after their wedding.

The lady who stressed about not being able to sleep at night due to her husband’s consistent actions pleaded with internet users to advise her.

According to her write-up, she and her husband have seen several doctors to find out if it’s a medical condition but the result keeps saying are husband is fine and healthy.

Her post read;

“Am married for 8 months now but truly speaking am tired and fed up, my husband can mess for African, I haven’t slept full term since we re married because he snores, adding with messing, nobody should ask me if I didn’t notice it while dating because am not a wayward girl, I didn’t sleep at his house for one day because I wasn’t train like that. I got to know after marriage, before day break my husband would have mess like 6 times offensive smell that would wake me up while am asleep, he snores like a hungry lion.

If we’re having s***x my husband would mess like 4 times before he comes down from me, he has gone for checkup up and doctors said it is kind of life that nothing is wrong with him nd the snoring is because of fat.

I don’t know whether the fat am getting is at the result of his messing. Am tired but don’t know what to do. I need advice.”