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Emma Brenda Wanjiru: Meet the most beautiful police officer in Kenya

Constable Emma Brenda Wanjiru is a name that has become synonymous with beauty in the Kenyan police force. In 2016, her exceptional looks caught the attention of Kenyans and she quickly became known as one of the most beautiful cops in the country. With a large following on her social media accounts, Emma uses her platform to educate and engage with the public on various topics.

Emma Brenda was born in Nyahururu, a central region of Kenya, where her parents were also police officers. However, her father separated from her mother when Emma was just four years old and she was raised by her mother along with her siblings. Speaking to Nation TV, Emma credits her mother for instilling discipline and values in her that have shaped her into the person she is today.

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In 2008, after completing high school, Emma got pregnant during a visit to her uncle in Kiserian, Kajiado County. Fearing her mother’s reaction, she fled with her boyfriend to Rongai and rented a single room. Unfortunately, her boyfriend turned out to be abusive and would physically and emotionally assault her. Emma was forced to go back home when her daughter was only eight weeks old.

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After returning home, Emma moved to Nairobi where she worked as a supermarket attendant. It was there that she decided to try her luck in the armed forces and took part in the 2012 police recruitment process, where she emerged in fifth place.

Although she was initially not selected as only four women were being recruited, she was later recalled when one of the chosen women turned out to be pregnant. Emma then underwent 18 months of training at Kiganjo Police Training College before joining the force.

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Besides being a police officer, Emma Brenda is also a passionate karateka and a fashionista. Her love for classy outfits has earned her a huge following on social media, where she continues to educate and engage with the public.