A 100-Year-Old woman jailed in Embu! -

A 100-Year-Old woman jailed in Embu!

A 100-year-old woman serving a jail term at the Embu Women Prison
has entered into the institution’s books of history as the oldest inmate ever.

For Margaret Ngima, being sent to the correctional facility was a shocker considering that during her energetic days, she had neither been imprisoned nor imagined it would happen in her sunset years. 

When we visited her at the facility Wednesday, Ngima appeared out of place and even the warders and fellow inmates seemed at loss on how to handle the elderly mother of four. She said she missed home where noise from her great grandchildren would keep her busy and when bored she could visit her age-mates and neighbours.

 At the prison, another elderly inmate after her is a 70-year-old woman who incidentally calls her “mum”. Yet, she is not pestering warders with demands to go home as she has resigned to double-barreled fate to either complete the jail term or stay until her two free but jobless sons raise a Sh100,000 fine. 

Ngima was sentenced to three months imprisonment by the Embu High Court for contempt of court together with her sons Peter Njue, 72, and Angelo Gichovi, 52, on March 10.

They are accused of ignoring a court order to allocate a two-acre parcel to Justa Wawira who has since 1997 been demanding a share of the family’s five-acre land at Nthambo in Embu County.
***story courtesy of STANDARD DIGITAL NEWS***

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