John The Baptist wa Bungoma: Niko Na Wanawake 46, Watoto 290 Na Bado Naoa tena

The self-proclaimed John the Baptist, originating from Bungoma, recently provided insights into his family life and the unique responsibility of caring for a sizable family consisting of more than 300 members.

During a recent interview with an online media outlet, John revealed that he presently has 46 wives. Unfortunately, 4 of them have passed away, leaving him with 42 wives. The youngest among them is 23 years old and already a mother of one.

In terms of offspring, John takes pride in having 290 children who reside in various homesteads spread across eight locations within Bungoma County. Notably, he mentioned that the count of his grandchildren has become immeasurable.

At the age of 83, John declared his commitment to continue marrying and having children, citing a divine command from God as the reason behind this resolve. Identifying himself as the senior prophet who baptized Jesus Christ, he emphasized his unwavering adherence to God’s directive for humanity to procreate and fill the earth.

John, asserting his wealth, claimed ownership of over 300 acres of land in different parts of Western Kenya, along with a substantial livestock inventory. He assured that maintaining and caring for his wives poses no challenge given his substantial resources.

Interestingly, John asserted that he adequately satisfies his wives in bed, and none of them dare to cheat on him. He attributed this confidence to his prophetic abilities, claiming that if any of them were to cheat, he would discern it. Consequently, he asserted that all his wives fear engaging in such actions.

Concluding the interview, John mentioned a divine revelation, claiming that God showed him he would live for 220 years. With over 170 years left, he expressed his intent to continue marrying new wives until his eventual demise.