“Enda uza uji kazini kwake,” woman advises ladies how to deal with Stingy men

Kenyan social media influencer, Rose Waitherero, recently shared a clever strategy for women dealing with men who provide inadequate financial support for household expenses. According to her, there is a simple way to ensure that these men leave enough money. In her advice, she suggested that women prepare porridge and sell it at their husbands’ workplaces.

“Ladies, I want to share a secret with you. If your husband doesn’t give you enough money, here’s what you can do. Wake up in the morning, cook some porridge, and put it in a container. Take it with you to your husband’s workplace and start selling it to his coworkers. Even if he is a manager, don’t worry. Start by selling to the other employees.”

Waitherero further advised women not to rush through the process. She emphasized the importance of making sure their husbands notice what they are doing.

“Don’t be in a hurry to finish selling the porridge. Make sure your husband sees what you’re doing. If you notice that they are taking their time, tell them that your husband will bring the cups back in the evening. And if your husband asks you why you did this, explain to him that the money he gives you is not enough. Trust me, he will never give you little cash again.”

Upon reading these posts, her fans expressed mixed opinions. While some fans appreciated her ingenious idea, others believed it could lead to more trouble. One fan shared an incident where a similar trick backfired.

“I once tried this tactic, and when my husband came home in the evening, he asked who gave me such a brilliant idea. He even bought a large thermos for me to take more porridge the following day.”

Note: It is important to approach financial issues and communication within relationships with understanding and respect. While this anecdote may be amusing, it’s crucial to maintain healthy and open discussions with your partner about financial matters rather than resorting to manipulative tactics.