Khaligraph Jones Ditches His Lexus for a Honda Fit due to High Cost of Fuel

Khaligraph Jones, the renowned Kenyan rapper, recently surprised and amused his fans with a video on Instagram. In the video, he could be seen driving a Honda Fit, sparking speculations about a potential side hustle as an Uber driver. Khaligraph Jones humorously captioned the video, “Ndio Kuingia Kazi Kabla maandamano, Request now 💯💯 #Respecttheogs.”

The video quickly gained traction and captured the attention of his fans, who both applauded his work ethic and expressed disbelief that such an established artist would be seen driving a smaller vehicle. One fan jokingly commented, “We always said if you see a celeb with a small car, just record it 😂😂.” Another fan added, “This is where the OG has tested us 😂😂.” The light-hearted banter continued with comments like, “I’ll record pretending I haven’t noticed and then surprise myself by hiding so people won’t know it was scripted 😂 good one though 🙌,” and “Fuel prices have gone up, and the arrogance has gone down. We’re in this together 😂😂😂.”

Khaligraph Jones has a penchant for showcasing luxurious cars, a testament to his success in the music industry. Earlier this year, he caused quite a stir online when he proudly flaunted his newly acquired Lexus LX 570, a high-end SUV valued at millions of Kenyan shillings. In Kenya, the price of this vehicle typically ranges from 18 to 22 million shillings, depending on its year of manufacture.

The purchase of the Lexus LX 570 came shortly after Khaligraph’s triumphant performance in Sierra Leone, where he entertained a massive crowd that enthusiastically sang and rapped along to his songs. With a notable car collection that includes a Subaru, Chrysler, Toyota Crown, Range Rover, and now the Lexus LX 570, Khaligraph Jones continues to enjoy and share his success with his fans.