Raburu- Why I quit my job at Citizen Television

Willis Raburu recently revealed the reasons behind his departure from his highly lucrative position at Citizen TV, a move that left many of his fans disheartened. During an interview with Mark Masai, Raburu explained that his decision to leave after 13 years was driven by several factors.

Raburu expressed his deep appreciation for the work environment at Royal Media, citing the organizational culture as a significant reason for his prolonged commitment. He spoke highly of his colleagues and admired the company’s open-door policy, which fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the team. Throughout his tenure, Raburu engaged in a variety of assignments, ranging from covering conflict stories and political events to exploring human interest topics. Additionally, he ventured into digital consultancy for various companies, expanding his professional horizons.

The realization that he had never taken a substantial break prompted Raburu’s decision to seek rest and pursue new opportunities. He felt the need to step away from his demanding role and explore fresh endeavors. Furthermore, Raburu’s pursuit of a Master’s degree at USIU played a significant role in broadening his perspective, inspiring him to seek new challenges.

Reflecting on his career aspirations, Raburu disclosed that he had always harbored a desire to become a journalist. He recalled expressing this dream to his mother and aunt, as reading the news was the only thing that could temporarily silence his father, regardless of his considerable influence at the time. This childhood ambition fueled his dedication to the field and propelled his success in broadcasting.

Raburu acknowledged that the nature of his work often caused him to miss important family gatherings, leading to a point where people stopped extending invitations. Now, with his departure from Citizen TV, he can prioritize spending quality time with his loved ones and make up for those missed occasions. This renewed focus on family and personal relationships is an aspect of his life that Raburu eagerly looks forward to embracing.

In summary, Willis Raburu’s departure from Citizen TV after 13 years was motivated by his desire for rest, personal growth, and the opportunity to explore new ventures. Despite the admiration he held for the work environment at Royal Media, his decision to step away from journalism allows him to reconnect with family and nurture those vital bonds. Raburu’s dedication to his craft and the impact it had on his life are undeniable, and he now embarks on a new chapter filled with possibilities.