“Umeezeeka, Act Your Age” Netizen Bashes Tv Girl Betty Kyallo, She Responds

Betty Kyallo has been making headlines since her return to TV 47 after a four-year hiatus.At TV 47, she anchors the Friday prime-time news bulletin. In addition to her news duties, she also hosts a variety of celebrities and notable personalities as guests on her show.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya was her first guest, followed by other well-known figures such as Eric Omondi, Amber Ray, and most recently, KRG The Don.

However, one social media user expressed dissatisfaction with the type of guests Betty features on her show, not holding back in their critique.

“You’re getting older, act your age. Bring guests who offer content relevant to your age group. Leave the socialites and frivolous musicians to Azeeza,” the user commented.

Betty responded, telling the netizen to stay away from her show if they were uninterested.

“Who hurt you, bro? Chill. You actually don’t have to follow, like, or comment. Bye,” said the mother of one.

Recently, there were rumors suggesting that her mysterious boyfriend is a “Ben 10” (a term used to describe younger men dating older women).

Betty, however, dismissed these rumors.

“The lies on the internet are astounding. Sometimes I read and wonder if they’re really talking about me. Someone claimed he’s 21 years old. There’s nothing like that,” she clarified.