“Pray For Me”: Andrew Kibe Sweats As Tanzanian ‘Witch’ Predicts He’ll Get An Accident

In a surprising turn of events, the typically bold, unapologetic, and controversial figure, Andrew Kibe, exhibited a rare moment of vulnerability during a live session.

A viral video captured the outspoken content creator receiving a prophecy from a Tanzanian Mganga, or Witch Doctor, who ominously predicted that Kibe would be involved in an accident. This unanticipated revelation left Kibe momentarily speechless, a departure from his usual confident demeanor, and left fans astonished.

Breaking his silence, Kibe eventually gathered his thoughts and questioned, “Did he just say I’m going to get an accident?” This revelation prompted Kibe to make an unexpected plea to his followers, urging Kenyans to pray for him in light of the unsettling prophecy.

“Mganga kutoka Tanzania wamenitag. My Kenyan Saints, pray for me,” Kibe appealed, revealing a side of himself that fans rarely witness.

In response to this revelation, fans took to sharing their thoughts on the video:

  • Key-rui expressed solidarity, stating, “We Kenyan saints are praying with you.”
  • Tom noted, “Kibe ameingizia baridi,” suggesting that the prophecy had left Kibe in a state of cold shock.
  • Ithagu added a touch of humor, remarking, “amesema na akaleft… ameachia kibe food for thought,” implying that the Witch Doctor’s words had left Kibe with something to ponder.
  • Emmalyn conveyed support, saying, “Mganga anasema nini kifee; we pray for you, usisweat haga,” reassuring Kibe that prayers were being offered on his behalf to avert any potential danger.

This unexpected vulnerability in Andrew Kibe’s reaction to the prophecy has sparked a mix of concern, humor, and solidarity among his fanbase.