Citizen TV News Anchor Lulu Hassan Reveals Why You Will Never Find Her Name in Unnecessary Drama like Other Celebrities

Citizen TV News Anchor Lulu Hassan has divulged the reason behind her absence from unnecessary drama, setting her apart from many other celebrities.

In a recent interview, Lulu, also known as the CEO of Jiffy Pictures, shared her strategy for steering clear of unnecessary conflicts: maintaining a tight inner circle and avoiding an overabundance of friendships.

“I keep my circle of friends very small. Having too many people around can lead to complications and conflicts. My focus is on my family and a select few friends who contribute positively to my personal growth,” she explained.

Within the media industry, Lulu maintains a clear boundary between professional relationships with colleagues and personal friendships. While she values her professional connections, she recognizes that most are primarily for work purposes, with only a minority evolving into genuine friendships.

“It’s important to recognize that once work ends, their support may not extend beyond the professional realm. Only a small fraction of them go beyond professional boundaries to become true friends. It’s often when you face adversity that you realize who your real friends are,” she noted.

Looking ahead, Lulu aims to leave a lasting legacy as one of Kenya’s most esteemed journalists, while also inspiring the next generation of journalists to surpass her achievements.

“I aspire to be remembered as one of Kenya’s finest journalists,” she asserted.