Kenyan Male teacher in trouble for indecently touching student

Kenyan Male teacher in trouble for indecently touching student

Dennis Otieno, a secondary school Kiswahili teacher has found himself in a difficult situation after forcefully touching a female student. The said teacher who teaches in one of the schools in Nairobi was charged in Kibera Law courts for abusing his position as teacher.

He was accused of attempted assault to the a 25-year-old girl by touching her improperly and exchanging saliva’s with her as a form of showing love. The teacher is said to have committed the offense between 31st July last year and sixth September 2021 in a school in Dagoretti Nairobi county.

Everything began when the said teacher entered the class with low moods, the young lady was worried about his dispositions and chose to reach him later in the evening through WhatsApp Messenger.

In his answer, the teacher complimented her looks prior to saying that he was angered by how the girl interacted with make teachers. He went ahead to tell her how much he was in love with her.

The messages were not seen on the young lady’s phone, fortunately, the teacher actually had them on his gadget. The discussion continued until September sixth when the teacher tricked the girl and fooled her into his office. He quickly shut the door and pushed the young lady against the wall where he traded saliva’s with her as his hands went to the young lady’s privates.

While in the act,another student knocked the door , the teacher was reluctant to open it as he promptly went to the closest teacher’s desk pretending that he was looking for a book, the girl on the other hand his behind the door. When the girl was leaving the office, the troubled student asked to move out with her, and it is there that she spilled the beans.

The teachers were educated on the matter and later information reached the police. ,the man, however, denied being in that act with the female student, he was granted a bond as he waits for his case to be mentioned later this month.