Former Sauti Sol member Bien explains why women should fart on the first date

Former Sauti Sol luminary, Bien Baraza, recently took to Instagram to offer a light-hearted insight into the dynamics of his relationship with Chiki Kuruka. In a tongue-in-cheek post, Bien humorously suggested that women should liberally express themselves, even in matters as natural as flatulence, especially on the first date, to facilitate a more transparent evaluation of compatibility.

In his Instagram story, Bien quipped, “Women should fart on the first date so that we know if we want to leave or stay. 10 years in, I’m dying.”

Reflecting on their journey together, Chiki Kuruka, Bien Baraza’s wife, shared poignant reflections last Valentine’s Day, emphasizing the importance of self-love as a foundation for healthy relationships. Expressing deep gratitude for having Bien as her lifelong partner, Chiki underscored the significance of mutual support and honest communication in sustaining their bond.

Their union, sealed in a private ceremony four years ago in Nairobi’s Lavington, stands as a testament to enduring love amid the challenges of celebrity life. Despite societal pressures and the tempests of fame, Bien and Chiki exemplify unwavering solidarity.

Chiki imparted sage advice, urging individuals to cherish their support networks, including family and friends, as essential pillars during times of strife and celebration alike. She particularly emphasized the invaluable role of maternal guidance in navigating life’s complexities.

Although their journey together has yet to include parenthood, Bien and Chiki continue to nurture their relationship, demonstrating resilience and devotion in equal measure.